The advantage of integrating technology into your spa operations

One positive side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is the renewed interest in health and wellness. As the spa and wellness industry emerges into a new normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, these businesses will have to adapt their operations in order to attract new customers and serve them correctly. Even though spas ask customers to unplug and relax, the business must still embrace technology in various ways throughout their business operations.

Here are ways in which integrating technology into your spa can help you:

Manage guest expectations:

Tech-saavvy clients have become increasingly demanding of new technology and it is therefore important for spas to stay up to date with new technology. Spas also need to continually focus on staying on top of trends. By constantly updating the spa menu, training your staff, and educating clients about new technologies, these techniques will drive guests into the spa.

Online, mobile booking and digital treatment menu

Since the pandemic, guests are more aware of touchless technology and highly aware of hygiene. Make sure that you offer online and mobile bookings. Online and mobile bookings allow guests control over their experience from start to finish, in addition to the obvious safety of a touchless experience amid the pandemic. Static paper menus have been replaced by digital or online menus that allow your clients to interact with the treatment plans and build their own personalized experiences.

Digital signage and communication

Keep customers informed on health and safety regulations, products and promotions with captivating visuals using Digital Signage Software within your spa. Entertain customers while they wait for their treatments and clearly communicate your treatment menu via digital screens. Use these digital screens to advertise treatment specials or products in the waiting room. Screens can be used during treatments to play relaxing music or display appealing visuals.

Point of sale (POS) software

A quality spa business needs a quality point of sale system. You can charge clients for specific services or products using a POS system. Using your POS, you can keep detailed sales records and access other business data that can help you make smart business decisions in future. I.e. You can see your which days are your busiest and assign more shifts forthose days. Or you can stock up on a popular retail product that is often sold out after a treatment. A good point of sale system will also allow customers to pay online or with their mobile. If you sell any retail products, make sure to get a POS system with an Inventory management feature.

In conclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to innovate and change the way they operate and embrace technology which will ensure your spa business is successful.

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