Recommended Hardware and Computer Specs

When running a business, you should ensure that you have the very best equipment in order to be successful! Hardware is just one component, but a very important part of a full POS solution. Hardware should function in such a way that you can fully carry out the functions of your POS software.

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POS Terminal Devices

POS software mostly runs on one of three types of hardware: tablet, desktop PC or hardware that is a combination of both. Generally, you would need at least one device per register. Any device with a full-function operating system that connects to the internet works.

Re-use Your Own Personal Windows or iOS device. As long as your devices matches the following specs your devices should be ideal to use for TallOrder POS Software.

Minimum Specs to Run TallOrder Point of Sale Software:

Min Specs: Windows 10 64-Bit, Intel Quad Core i3/i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD

Mobile device:

Chuwi SA Hi10 X 10.1 plus keyboard (optional)

Fixed devices:

Lenovo i5 M73 Mini PC – i5, 8GB of Ram HDD

Plus SSD 120 GB,

Plus Mini Wifi Adaptor

Touch Screen Monitors

ASUS VT168N – ASUS VT168N Touch Monitor – 15.6” (1366×768); Flicker free; Low Blue Light; D-Sub; DVI-D

PL-1500T – Poslab 15”PCAP Touch Monitor; USB Interface; Res 1024*768; VESA 75 Compatible

Min Specs: iOS versions 12+ are supported – but prefer iOS15+ to be run if possible

iOS is mainly focussed on iPad & iPad Pro sizes currently, iPad Mini & iPhone sizes to follow shortly after iPad builds have been released.

iOS only works with Epson LAN Printers when running in standalone mode, e.g. acting as Master or Independent
– if running as Additional, it can print to a Masters connected printer / defaulted printer

Independant Device

TallOrder can run on a stand-alone device which is required to be within the specs mentioned above for each respective platform. *

Multiple Device Setup

For multiple device setup you need one main POS (Master) which all the other additional devices will be connected to and sync with. **

** We recommend the “Master” device to be Windows operated, to run while offline, and “Novice” can be any other recommended devices.

POS Peripherals

POS Peripherals refer to receipt printers, scanners and cash drawers; in other words, items that you use with your POS device to enhance its functionality. Below is a list of TallOrder supported hardware peripheral devices:

Receipt Printers

If you would like to print receipts or kitchen slips you should invest in a quality printer. Fast and reliable thermal printers are perfect for customer checkout.

  • Epson TM-T20IIE – USB + LAN
  • Epson TM-T20IIS – USB + SERIAL
  • Epson Entry Level Impact/Dot Matrix with Manual Tear-Off – SERIAL
  • Epson Entry Level Impact/Dot Matrix with Auto Cutter – USB
  • Bixolon 3″ DT – USB + LAN + SERIAL
  • Proline – USB + SERIAL
  • Poslab 3” with Auto Cutter – USB + LAN


  • Epson TM-M30 – USB + LAN + WIFI
  • Epson TM-M30 – USB + LAN + BT

+ USB Scanner (if you want to do scanning)
+ Foldable Stand Cash Drawer  (If you want to use a cash drawer)

Nearly any barcode scanner that connects to your computer by USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi will work. The biggest benefit of a barcode scanner is that it allows you to add items to a transaction simply by scanning their barcode with your reader. Again, you’ll want to make sure your POS software works with the option you prefer to use.

  • Zebra LI2208 with Stand – USB
  • Zebra LS2208 with Stand – USB
  • Zebra DS2208 with Stand – USB
  • Zebra DS2278 with Cradle – BT
  • Zebra DS7708 with Table Mount – USB
  • Zebra DS9208 – USB
  • 1D Datalogic QuickScan – USB
  • 2D Datalogic QuickScan – USB
  • Datalogic QBT2430 – USB + BT
Cash Drawers

As the ancestor of the full POS solution the cash register is still a part of a POS set-up. Some of your customers may still choose to pay by cash. To make accepting cash payments easier you will want to add a cash drawer to your POS system.

Maken Cash Drawer 410

  • Maken Economical
  • Maken Flip Top
  • Maken Heavy Duty
Label Printers

This guide is for informational purposes only. While every attempt is made to ensure that the information presented is accurate and up-to-date, some information is subject to change. We encourage you to work with tax, legal and other professional advisers (as applicable) to determine your requirements. TallOrder will not be held liable for any decisions made based on the information presented and reserves the right to alter the content at any time.


TallOrder is flexible and versatile. If you’re currently using another point of sale system, TallOrder can work with the printer, barcode scanner and cash drawer that you currently have. TallOrder POS works on any device with a web-browser, so your iPad, desktop computer or laptop is already good to go.

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With plug & play support for printers, barcode scanners and cash drawers, you don’t need to be an IT genius to get set up. Our recommended hardware will work seamlessly with TallOrder POS and you will have access to award-winning hardware support if needed.

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